What Size Backpack Can Be Carried On A Plane?

Backpacks on planes

Backpacks on planes – While traveling by air, it is always advisable to carry smaller luggage such as your travel backpack with you on flight rather than leave it for check in. Leaving your luggage at the mercy of handlers inside the cargo hold can often lead to luggage being lost, damaged or soiled.

Why Carry Travel Backpacks

There are several advantages of carrying a travel backpack instead of smaller suitcases. In case the flight is crowded, you will find very little space to store your suitcase in the overhead cabin. Probably you will have to stow your suitcase under your seat and compromise the luxury of adequate leg-space. And if the airline crew protest, you may even have it stowed away to the hold.

On the other hand, you can easily carry your travel backpack on your lap and save the trouble of retrieving it later.

Moreover, even small luggage with wheels is always checked in while backpacks are allowed on the plane.

Size Matters

Different airlines have different rules and regulations regarding the maximum size of the luggage you can carry inside the plane. Usually, the standard size is 9” depth, 22” length and 14” width.

However, do check with your airline and confirm the size allowed so as to avoid troubles later. In case of budget airlines, be extra cautious as they have stricter rules regarding the size of carry-on luggage.

So while buying your travel backpack, it is crucial to confirm that it fits within these dimensions. There are many backpacks that claim to conform to the ‘carry on size”. Even then, it is always best to check personally before buying so that you don’t have to return it later.

Keep in mind the weight too. A top-class travel backpack will surely carry a lot of load but it may not be permitted by your airline. Here too, each airline has its own guidelines so always check the permissible weight for carry-on luggage before packing your backpack.

Consider Comfort and Convenience

Apart from the size, you should also consider how comfortable and convenient your travel backpack is. The backpack you buy should have sturdy, adjustable straps to fit in comfortably with the curve of your spine so that the load rests on your hips to protect your back.

It should also have adequate pockets with high quality zips to store papers and odds and ends.


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