Women’s Designer Travel Backpacks

Women's designer travel backpacks

Whether you are a globetrotter, a frequent traveler or just a busy mom on the move, a backpack is a convenient way to travel around. A good quality travel backpack is just what you need as it will leave your hands and arms free to do things and move around effortlessly through cities, airports and […]

Luxury Travel Backpacks – Travel In Style

Travel in style - Luxury travel backpacks

When you love to travel in style and comfort, the luggage you carry too should reflect your mood and flair. If you don’t like those bulky suitcases, you will definitely need a top-quality travel backpack for your regular day-long trips and treks. Buying a luxury backpack that oozes high-end elegance and gives the guarantee of […]

Luxury Travel Backpacks – 6 Top Brands

Luxury travel backpack brands

The holiday season is here and you are finalizing your travel plans. But have you given enough thought to the luggage you will carry? When you want to travel the world in style, you need a travel backpack that is luxurious, convenient, comfortable and of course, stylish! Louis Vuitton Famous the world over and easily […]

What Size Backpack Can Be Carried On A Plane?

Backpacks on planes

Backpacks on planes – While traveling by air, it is always advisable to carry smaller luggage such as your travel backpack with you on flight rather than leave it for check in. Leaving your luggage at the mercy of handlers inside the cargo hold can often lead to luggage being lost, damaged or soiled. Why […]