Women’s Designer Travel Backpacks

Women's designer travel backpacks

Whether you are a globetrotter, a frequent traveler or just a busy mom on the move, a backpack is a convenient way to travel around. A good quality travel backpack is just what you need as it will leave your hands and arms free to do things and move around effortlessly through cities, airports and places in style and comfort.

A high-end backpack will last for years and comes with multiple features that make your travel enjoyable and hassle-free. However, picking the right travel backpack can be a bit overwhelming with so many specifications to keep in mind and so many designer brands to choose from.

Backpack Size

While selecting the size, do have a realistic expectation about what all you will need to stuff in your backpack while travelling, keeping in mind the duration of your travel.

Travel backpack larger than 65L will not be allowed as carry-on luggage in planes. If you love to travel light and would like to carry your backpack with you on planes, go for a size between 30L and 55L. Smaller backpacks that are most suitable for short travel or day-long trips come in sizes up to 29L.

For a really flexible size, go for a 50L backpack with attached daypack compartment that will allow you to add 15L more as and when required.

Backpack Brands

Depending on how deep you pocket is, you can go for the top brands that offer handcrafted backpacks made the traditional way with the finest materials available. A high end travel backpack will make you look like a million bucks and reflect your distinctive style and flair.

High-end fashion houses offer a wide range of trendy backpacks designed exclusive for women in different colours, sizes, feminine styles and cuts with several compartments for carrying everything a lady needs.


Another important aspect to consider is the different features that will make your travel backpack both convenient and comfortable. Some brands offer backpacks that can be rolled up as a duffel bag when needed. This is best for those with lower back pain as they can easily move the load from the hips to their upper back.

Check out the loading feature of your travel backpack. Backpacks with top loading feature can be difficult as you will have to pack and unpack every time you need something particular lying at the bottom.

If you plan to take you travel backpack on camping trips, do check for cords for holding your tents or sleeping bag.

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